Services I offer

You can order a wig in different ways: Through my website or directly at an event, festival or convention. Please refer to the schedule page for details on the events I will be attending.


You can order two types of wigs at Harowigs: a custom wig and a fantasy wig.

A Custom Wig is a wig for which the customer supplies a design for a wig. This can either be an existing design (of a movie or anime character, for example) or something you have designed yourself. Based on this and your measurements I will send a quote. If the customer agrees on this and has deposited the money then I will start buying supplies and make the wig.

With a Fantasy Wig the price is fixed and I will make a unique creation for you on my own. You, as customer, can indicate with the kind of outfit the wig will be worn with and give a couple of pointers about the color and style. The advantadge of this is that you will always have a unique wig and above all it is more inexpensive than a Custom Wig, because I can let my imagination run wild.

Other services

Other than selling wigs I also give advice about caring for and maintaining your wig. I also will be uploading video tutorials in the future.
I will also be offering wig-related Accessories, like dreadfalls. Please keep an eye on the For sale page to see the items I am currently offering for sale!


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