Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What is cosplay?

Costume + Play: the act of dressing up as characters from an anime or manga series. It originated in Japan in the 1990's and by now even international cosplay competitions are being held!

Are the wigs you make suitable for daily use?

Wigs worn for medical reasons are usually made of a type of real human hair and are usually fully ventilated, which means the base of the wig is lace with the individual hairs pulled through it. This allows for the hair to fall and move naturally on the haid and allows the head to 'breathe'. The wigs Harowigs works with are wefted in rows and either have a button or (preferably) a full skin top in front. This skin top is made out of plastic and mimics a the real skin on a head. The hair can be parted and moved naturally on a wig like this but it doesn't allow the skin underneath to breathe.
Harowigs uses high quality synthetic wigs that can be worn many times, but I can not guarantee that these wigs can withstand daily use. They need different and more delicate care than human hair wigs and it is not possible to sleep in them.

Can I supply a wig of my own for you to style?

If this is possible, depends on the type of design, the model of the wig and the quality of the wig. Harowigs keeps high quality standards so not every wig may suffice. For this the wig needs to be viewed and judged by Harowigs, preferably in person. Please contact for the possibilities.

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