Fantasy wig

The idea behind the fantasy wig is that the costumer can only select a limited amount of options concerning, style, length and color and I will think up an unique and exciting design for your wig. This all comes with the perk of a lower base price than with a Custom Wig!

There are four possible types/prices of fantasy wigs:

Type Price (EUR)
Small 75
Medium 125
Large 175
XL 250
These prices are including BTW (VAT) and excluding shipping with a styrofoam wig head.

There are three choices: A, B en C. This means you can decide on the maximum of three elements of the wig, the rest is decided upon by me. The number of options differs from the type of fantasy wig (S, M, L or XL) you order. Naturally, an XL wig will have more options than a 'small' wig. Next to these three choices it is also possible to upload a photo of the costume (or a design/drawing of it) that will be worn with the costume. In that case I will the outfit in mind when making the wig. In the field 'comments' you can indicate wheter you have, for example, a broad face or that the color orange looks very bad on you.
Customers who take the liberty to enter additional wishes will be sent a quote for a Custom Wig!

I cannot guarantee the delivery date if the payment is deposited too late, or the supplier for wigs and other supplies runs out of stock. Please order a wig at least 2-6 months in advance to be on the safe side.

Coordinating headpieces

Want to have a nice headpiece that compliments your Fantasy Wig? Sargon Osthera Costume Design can make a one-of-a-kind piece for you! Please select the corresponding option in the order form below.

Order form

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