Custom Wig

A Custom Wig is a wig that's all about what the customer wants, to the finest detail. The first step is the customer supplying a design for the wig. This can be anything: an existing design from a movie, game, anime, manga, TV series, real life, anything! It is also possible for the customer to supply a design made by themselves (or someone else). This doesn't have to be a ready drawing per se. You can also describe your wishes to me and I will try to draw up your design. Anything goes! Want an Edward Elric (Full Metal Alchemist) wig but with a 40" braid and purple stars? No problem! Something like Legolas' (Lord of the Rings) hair, but in green? Just name it.

You can order a custom wig by the form on this page. Please enter your contact details, your head measurements as per the instructions in the form, the 'need by date' and a description of what you want including pictures if you have these. Based on this I will send you a quote. If the customer agrees on this and has deposited the money then I will start buying supplies and make the wig.

If you want me to draw a design for you, please contact me first through e-mail.

I cannot guarantee the delivery date if the payment is deposited too late, or the supplier for wigs and other supplies runs out of stock. Please order a wig at least 2-6 months in advance, depending on the complexity of the design and the availability of the materials.

Order form

Coming soon. If you want to have a quote or order a wig right now, please contact me at


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